Kim Turner –

My daughter has been dancing with Cara Lea Dance Studios for 5 years since she was 3 years old. During this time, she has had ITSD examinations, receiving consistently high marks, with honours. She has participated in 2 big shows at the Stowmarket Regal, and is currently in training for a show at the O2 theatre in London. She learns all different styles of dancing, including freestyle disco, rock and roll & street dance. The teachers are all amazing, and how they break down and teach such differing abilities is fantastic. The confidence that they have given my daughter is immense, and she never grumbles about going, she moans more about coming home! She enters that room and she just flies!! The School has a wonderful “family feel” and all the age groups look after one another, which adds to my daughters love of the school. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who has a love of dance!


Thank you for my party.  It was the best ever!

I have never had such a good party,

everyone keeps saying that it was brilliant!

ps. I loved it!

Beverley –

My daughter has been attending dance classes with Cara Lea since she was just 5 years old and she is now 19 and still attending. My daughter has taken exams, entered competitions and taken part in shows in the West End and Euro Disney. I can honestly say that Cara Lea has enriched my daughter’s life. Not only do the children learn that exercise can be fun, they learn valuable life skills through team and competition work and make great friendships that may last a lifetime. Cara Lea is an excellent and supportive teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Cara Lea and best wishes to you and all your students for the future.


Susan Elkin (www.thestage.co.uk) –

High spots included the stunning rhythmic accuracy of Cara-Lea Dance Studios from Stowmarket in Ice Ice Baby and some of the most original choreography I have ever seen.


Julie Zarkos –

Millie has danced with Cara-Lea since she was 6! She was shy but through her dance she has appeared on a Sky documentary and performed at Disneyland, Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty’s and more! Fantastic sociable school that I have been proud of my daughter being a part of!!



Maxine Mason –

Having danced for 4 years with Cara-Lea and her fab dance school my daughters confidence and enthusiasm for dance has constantly grown. She has made great friends and loves being part of Cara-Lea’s dance school.


Maxine Butel –

What a fantastic London Show with Cara-Lea’s dancers standing out. The routines were fantastic and testimony to Cara-Lea’s hard work and dedication. All the dancers did so well; they much be very proud of themselves.


Lee – Mardi Gras

Congratulations on bringing such a talented troupe to Her Majesty’s Theatre this past weekend.  Many thanks for embracing the Christmas theme.  I truly loved the “Ice Ice Baby” concept and the tinsel and lights that made up the costumes were super. It was a great way to start the festive season.  Please pass on my gratitude to your chaperones and our appreciation to the supporters that came to see the show.                                   We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Cara-Lea Dance Studios.

Charis Sparkes

I have been dancing with Cara-Lea for 9 years now and I have enjoyed every day of it. Each week when I go to dance it puts a massive smile on my face. The class is full of friendly talented people who make my Thursday night the best of the week.

Rose The

I have been dancing with Cara-Lea for almost 10 years now and everyday of it has been amazing and positive, I’ve made a lot of friends with the students and the teachers. I have experienced a lot through Cara-Lea and I am proud to say I dance with them.

Abbi Blair

I have been dancing with Cara-I’ve been with Cara-Lea for 6/7 years and it has been amazing. When I started I was really shy, but now I am so much more confident. Lovely school with lovely teachers who make amazing dancers.